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IT Asset Management & Disposition

IT Asset Management & Disposition:

Multi Vendor Parts Asset Management & Disposition services assist our partners with the inventorying, removal and disposal of their decommissioned, obsolete or non-functioning equipment. This service includes a comprehensive onsite evaluation and inventorying of the assets, and upon completion a detailed report is provided to our clients with a status and recommendation for those items.  M.V.P. and the client then review the report and determine how to handle and remove the assets.
Many engagements call for the handling of sensitive or confidential information on certain types of media. Multi Vendor Parts allows the client the flexibility to determine if they want data destruction done on site or off site with a variety of remediation methods available. The client can have the data degaussed or physically destroyed and in most cases both services are elected. Each service is provided with a detailed report of items destroyed along with serial numbers and a Letter of Destruction.
Multi vendor Parts has partnered with industry leaders in the recycling community who are ISO, OHSAS and Certified e-Stewards. By providing turn-key solutions for our clients, Multi Vendor Parts can simplify the process of removal and disposal of clients IT Assets in a detailed, safe and responsible manner. Going Green has never been easier!