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IT Asset Recovery:

Multi Vendor Parts assist clients with the recovery of IT Assets that are either out of production or obsolete. In many instances our team comes across scenarios in which the clients have paid a fee or variety of fees to have this service provided. We feel that there is value in this service for both the client and Multi Vendor Parts and it does not start by us charging a fee. As the economy continues to putter along we are finding that IT budgets are already strained and IT professionals are left with hard decisions when it comes to expenses and services. Our IT Asset Recovery service is a simple and straight forward approach in getting our clients a ROI for their End of Life gear.

This service includes one of our team members coming on site and performing a detailed inspection and inventory of the assets at no-charge. M.V.P. will then generate a detailed report for the clients review and determining which items have value and what Multi Vendor Parts can PAY the client for these items. This offering is a complete service, including pick-up, receiving, testing and disposal of all identified items with no hidden fees. By working directly with our clients we ensure that we are giving them the highest possible value for their assets with the maximum ROI.  In place of calling a recycling or trash pick-up company, call Multi Vendor Parts and allow us to come on site and remove your unwanted IT Assets and pay you for doing it!